name / asl

name(s): prl, pearl, marisah, mari, missy
birthday: june 16, 1994 (27yo)
gender: cis female
pronouns: she/her (they/them)
location: massachusetts, usa


high school: class of 2012
college: ur mom goes to college
occupations: karaoke hostess, budtender

things i think are cool

food/drinks: anchovies, berries, coffee, dark chocolate, dunkin donuts, gummies, lemons, necco wafers, pizza, salmon, sushi, tuna, turkish delight, zefir

games: beatmania iidx, dance dance revolution, sims 1, sims 2, sims 4

musicians: daft punk, dan fogelberg, electric light orchestra, guster, kino, lykke li, mindless self indulgence, molchat doma, (pre-2012) muse, m83, pink floyd, tame impala, unknown mortal orchestra, walk the moon

activities: driving around, coding, karaoke, nature photography, smoking weed

drinks i used to like before i got sober:
apple cider hot toddy, bacon bloody mary, mimosa, pickleback, screwdriver,
shot of tequila (salt first, then tequila, then lime), tequila sunrise

things that are not cool
brussel sprouts, coconut, drugs, melons, pineapple on pizza

pics of me

me and mom, dec '94

me at the arcade

me on my 26th b-day

pixels of things i like

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