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Currents by Tame Impala

Best Song: Gossip
2nd Best Song: Nangs
B-Side Pick: Powerlines
Always Skip: Past Life
Note: The B-Side/Remixes album has some hidden gems, it's def worth a listen!

The Slow Rush by Tame Impala

Best Song: One More Hour
Underrated: Glimmer
Least Favorite: Instant Destiny

Ganging Up On The Sun by Guster

Best Song: Ruby Falls
2nd Best Song: Lightning Rod
Forgettable: C'Mon

So Sad So Sexy by Lykke Li

Best Song: Deep End
Close Second: So Sad So Sexy
Annoying: Jaguars In The Air
Note: The ultimate "cry about your ex in the shower" album.

Talking Is Hard by Walk The Moon

Best Song: Avalanche
Karaoke Pick: Come Under The Covers
Overrated AF: Shut Up And Dance
Note: I cannot stress enough how overplayed and annoying their hit song is.

Sex & Food by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Best Song: Ministry Of Alienation
Close Second: Not In Love Just High
Least Favorite: American Guilt
Note: I saw these guys on their opening stop for the tour of this album and WOW!!